Steps I Took To Heal My Body




The complete book on the steps I took to heal my body once and for all from all the health conditions I suffered from.

I include food lists of foods that were ok for me to choose from,  when I ate the foods and for how long, the supplements I used, how I took those supplements and for how long as well as the water fast I did. I share with you what I did during my water fast, supplements I took, for how long the fast was and how I re-introduced food. I also made sure to include some note pages at the end so you can print this out and type out any data you need to have that will be valuable for you to have. I share in this book what I wrote down in my journal. 

This is everything I did and how I did it along with some words of wisdom. This won’t be your usual ebook on gut healing or any heath and wellness ebook, for that matter.

I will also be doing a video series if you happen to be a visual learner or perhaps you’re like me and you need both a book to follow along with and the videos.


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